‘Build a Brand’ – Our Flagship Programme


  • A woman in business who is struggling to get your business to stand out on and off line?
  • Running your business reactively without a clear view of what your business stands for and how to communicate its value?
  • Struggling to make the right audience fall in love with your brand and message?
  • Tired of wasting time, money and energy on strategies that don't work?



We know exactly how you feel. Most small businesses don't invest the time that big brands do in crafting their message to help them stand out from the noise online. Setting up a powerful foundation, that is grounded in purpose, is one of the most important and impactful steps you can take for your business. Sadly, it is often a step that is overlooked or undervalued by a lot of businesses.

Many business owners get completely overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the new marketing tactics and find themselves losing time, money and energy on stuff that is not helping them to grow their business.


What would you do in about 8 weeks from now if you woke up, with a clear brand purpose and message and all of your marketing efforts were simplified and you knew exactly how to speak to your ideal audience with authenticity and conviction?


We will help you to get complete clarity on your business. Our signature programme will help you to create a meaningful brand story that will speak to your perfect audience. We will help you to define who your audience are and where you can find them.

Forget all the marketing gimmicks. It's time to bring it back to the beginning of your story, and get the building blocks right so you can grow your business with confidence and ease, knowing you have done the right research and groundwork.

We are going to share with you the systems and frameworks that the big brands have been using for over 50 years to create powerful and purpose-driven brands.

Imagine the relief and reassurance that would bring to your small business, knowing you are doing everything right from the start. You would be empowered and excited to build your dream brand with confidence and certainty.

Our 8 week programme will provide you with a smart and simple toolkit to help you create a powerful and meaningful brand and a pathway to elevate your business to where it deserves to be in the market. We will show you step by step how to kick your brand into gear... no matter WHAT roadblocks are stopping you now!


  • Full branding audit (value €300)
  • Done-for-you Canva Template - customised to your brand (value €300)
  • Workbook to guide you through the programme
  • Access to agency-level frameworks and templates (value +€2,000)
  • Checklists and guidelines for digital advertising (value +€2,000)
  • Access to 3 expert trainers (equivalent of thousands in  consultancy fees!)
  • Feedback on your work each stage of the programme
  • Support and encouragement throughout the duration
  • A community of like-minded female entrepreneurs


  • How to figure out the roots of your brand purpose and story
  • The framework of how big brands discover and define their DNA and key messaging
  • How to find your perfect audience and win them over with your unique message
  • How to promote your brand online through engaging content and digital advertising
  • How to win valuable media exposure and create collaborations

Think BIGGER with your brand and let us help you to build a clear and powerful brand message - what are you waiting for?

Programme Outline and Delivery

The programme is delivered using a blended learning model. Some video training elements will be hosted on our private training platform for you to access in your own time. Live trainings will take place weekly over zoom and within the private Facebook group. Additional support material and workbooks will be provided so that you feel guided and supported through the programme.

For each module each week, here is what you can expect

  • Mondays - content and worksheets will be available every Monday at 10am on the private online portal for you to consume at your own pace.
  • Tuesdays - on Tuesday evenings at 8.00PM we will have a live training and Q&A sessions for approximately 1 hour.

Throughout the course of the 8 week programme we will also be sharing content and discussions within the private Facebook group.

If you miss any of the live sessions - don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and saved in the online portal and in the units section of the private facebook group.

You will also have the opportunity to submit questions and drafts of your work within each module.

Meet Your Instructors

Virginia Foley

Virginia Foley is the creator of Up She Rises and is driven to help other women to gain the confidence and the knowledge to grow brands from the heart that are grounded in purpose. She has worked with a range of businesses and brands over the years both in Ireland and the US.

Virginia holds a degree in Marketing, a professional certificate with the Digital Marketing Institute and a Masters in PR with new media – where her main area of research was brand storytelling.


Kim O Mahony

Kim O’Mahony is a quantitative and qualitative consumer research expert who empowers her clients to ‘Find Their Story’ and ‘Tell it Well’ - setting you up for success from market and consumer insights right through to brand story finding, building and copywriting. Kim leverages her international experience and frameworks to empower SME’s to build and rebuild their brands the right way.  Some clients Kim has worked with include; Microsoft, AIB, Diageo, Laya Healthcare, Three Mobile, Bord Gais, Cork Chamber of Commerce and a host of SME’s in the FMCG industry through her work with Bord Bia.

Muriel Foley

Muriel Foley is the Founder and Managing Director of MGFD, A Digital Marketing Consultancy specialising in Digital strategy, Social E-Commerce, Digital Training & Campaign Planning. Muriel has over 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing in both Ireland and Canada. Muriel has an MA in Public Relations with New Media and is also Facebook Blueprint Certified. Brands Muriel has worked with include adidas, Coca Cola, Diageo, Home Depot, ALDO, Trend Micro, Jägermeister, Air Transat, Keanes, Kilkenny Shop and General Motors.

Module 1 – Finding the Soul of Your Brand

  1. Finding the roots of your brand story
  2. Building a brand v’s building a business
  3. Grounding the brand in purpose
  4. Why story matters and the science behind it
  5. Setting out your brand vision, values and mission

Module 2 - Finding Your Brand DNA & Creating Your Message Framework

  1. Brand positioning and the crucial role it plays
  2. The formula that the big brands use and why
  3. Defining your perfect audience through research
  4. Finding your brand insight/DNA
  5. Developing your brand essence and unique benefit
  6. Creating your brand ‘triple A’ brief

Module 3 – The Visual Brand

  1. Elements of Logo; colour, symbol and fonts
  2. Creating your visual brand style
  3. Storyboards
  4. Tone of voice and brand personality
  5. The role emotions play in branding
  6. Tools to support you
  7. Canva

Module 4 – Finding your Target Audience Online

  1. Researching your audience online
  2. Effective online advertising
  3. Measurement best practices
  4. Online campaign creation
  5. Managing your online advertising budget
  6. Sharing your brand story effectively with the media
  7. How to write your own press releases and prepare a media kit