About us

About Up She Rises

Are you ready to rise?

Up She Rises is for women who want to rise to new heights in their business and discover new paths to success. Whether you are completely new to business or want to refresh or reposition your existing business, Up She Rises provides practical tools and resources to help you build your confidence and knowledge so that you are ready to rise.

Our Purpose:

We grow into our greatness over time; through learning and life experience, both on our own and with the help of others. As women we spread ourselves thin and are often in ‘busy-ness’ instead of in business. We can be overwhelmed and struggle to find time to focus on ourselves and the long term visions and strategies for our businesses. We want women to know that they are not alone on this journey. Together we can not only achieve our goals, but along the way we can be empowered, inspired and enabled like never before.

Our Mission:

We want to inspire you to do and be your best. In a world that moves so fast, we want to help you stop and take stock of where you are, where you want to go but most importantly how you are going to get there. We want you to feel ready to grow into your greatness.