About Virginia Foley

About Up She Rises

Virginia's Story

Meet Virginia Foley, the visionary behind Up She Rises—a business born from the struggle many women face, juggling motherhood dreams and career ambitions.

Formerly trapped in a soul-suffocating nine-to-five, Virginia transformed herself and designed a business model and a life that balances financial success, personal fulfillment, and precious family moments. Now, coaching globally from her laptop in Cork in the hours her kids are at school, she's on a mission to share the secret sauce of her success with other women who crave the same kind of freedom.

Her main program, "Made for More," blends personal and business development to clear blocks, rewire your 'motherboard,' and rewrite your story. Because, as Virginia passionately declares, "YOU CAN"—words that changed her life and can transform yours too!

I'm on a mission to overhaul your confidence & self-belief!

Activating people to RISE is what comes naturally to me - to find the gold in you and bring it to the surface so it can shine out of you with ease.

After feeling lost and invisible myself for such a long time, I finally figured out a way to unleash my own power which led me to creating ‘Up She Rises’ – a female empowerment community. My purpose is to inspire women, just like, to take bold action, to let go of limiting beliefs and others expectations and live the life you deserve.

It is my job to help you break down the made-up barriers that are keeping you in the shadows of who you are really here to be.