Team Up She Rises


Up She Rises has a team of contributors who are a collective of qualified women from a range of backgrounds who have a wealth of knowledge and business experience behind them. But the common thread is their genuine passion for what they do and the enthusiasm to help people to grow.

They are passionate about taking concepts and learning down to an accessible, pragmatic level. Whether that’s at events and workshops they host, online training they deliver or live online chats that they contribute to, they want to help women to take action without the overwhelm.

Our Shared Vision

“Together as a team we want women to be Inspired like never before to move forward. We want women to feel supported by us in a warm and genuine way. We understand your challenges so well because we have all been through them ourselves. We want to help you fast track your progress by sharing what we have learned so you can feel ready to rise and take action towards your goals primarily in business, but also in life. We have a shared vision and purpose to help you grow into your greatness.”