That is the very question that led me to finding out who I really am. I’ve been on the relentless ‘Find your Purpose’ trail for a long time now and what I now know to be true is that it was locked inside me all along. What started as a career in marketing and PR and has evolved into me unearthing my greatest gifts; helping women just like me to find freedom, confidence and joy. But I took the scenic route. I want to show you the short cut so you can step back into your own power so it shines out of you at every opportunity. When I’m not helping women to rise, you can find me goofing around with my family or dreaming up another creative project to set my soul on fire.


I know what it’s like to be trying so hard and doing all the self-development work and still not reaching the places your soul desires. Still wondering if there is more or something you have missed. You can read all the affirmations and journal all day long but until you change the inner narrative and remove the stories stuck in your subconscious, nothing will change. Understanding how the subconscious mind works, has been the catalyst in my own rising and it has become my life’s work to share this blueprint with you. We are all given our own unique gifts but unfortunately we become conditioned to keep them small for fear of being judged. Well not on my watch.